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Messy Hands

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Autumn Foliage

October Canopy

Fall, Autumn, Colors, Leaves, Leaf, Yellow, Orange, Green
            “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”  ~  Albert Camus

The changing leaves from this maple tree provided a colorful autumn canopy.

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Autumn Apparition

Autumn, Fall, Leaves, Colorful, Abstract, Tree, Branches
The natural blending of shape, texture and warm colors make autumn one of my favorite seasons. Autumn is a favorite time of year for all photographers. My photographer friends will agree, the fall colors don’t last nearly long enough.

I hope you find this particular artistic, abstract interpretation of autumn appealing.  It is the combination of accident and experimentation. The accident was taking the shot after accidentally changing a setting that ended up taking a 0.8 second exposure. The long exposure created the blurring and multiple vision.  Then I took the image and experimented with various digital enhancements to sharpness, saturation, etc.  After fiddling with a lot of different options, I settled on this version of the image.

In my experimentation, I also came up with a monochrome version.  I’m not sure if I like it well enough to share it.  I’m still considering it.

You can view this photo in a much larger version by clicking on it.

All of the photos I post are available for purchase. If you’d like to buy one, click on the blue “Buy this Online” bar below for a variety of print and frame options or contact me for digital purchase and licensing options.

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Emerging from the Darkness

Leaf, Leaves, Colorful, Sprout, Spring
Soon, the snow will fade from the forest floor and the trees will wake from their winter slumber and begin to sprout new life.  These are early spring sprouts from a couple of years ago.  I photographed them in a wooded area late in the afternoon, when a combination of light and shadow created a wonderfully dramatic effect.

To view the fine details in the leaf structure, click on the photo and a larger version will open in a new tab.

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Luminescent Leaves

Autumn, Leaves, Leaf, Fall, Colorful
I really like the warm color, the shape, the lines and the texture of these autumn leaves. The brighter light behind them gives them a unique quality.

In the autumn, I spent a lot of time taking photos of the colorful leaves covering the woodland floor. This is one occasion when I pointed the camera upward.  This image doesn’t accurately convey the weather conditions at the time this shot was snapped. It looks like a sunny fall day, but it was actually overcast with a very fine mist/drizzle in the air.  I guess my camera had a brighter perspective.

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Season Finale

Fall Foliage, Autumn Leaves, Berries, Leaves, Maple Leaves
This collection of fall foliage caught my attention for the diversity in form and color.  The leaves were wet, which seems to bring out the best of their rich, deep colors.  Even the contrast provided by the white bark of the help the colors pop.

This image is even more impressive viewed large.  Click the photo and see for yourself.

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Fall In the Ferns

Fall, Ferns, Forest, Autumn, Maple Leaves, Autumn Colors
As autumn winds down and winter approaches, even the ferns lose their lush, green color in the northeast Wisconsin forests.

On a hike through the woods at Potawatomi State Park, near Sturgeon Bay on Wisconsin’s Door County peninsula, I spotted this colorful collection of leaves resting on a fading bracken fern.

The interesting pattern and contrasting colors seemed worth of a shutter snap.

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Woodland Confetti

Autumn, Fall, Leaves, Forest, Colorful,

The woods were ablaze with autumn colors. These are the days I enjoy just roaming through the trees and just enjoying the colorful canopy above.

See more of the detail in this scene by clicking on the photo to view a larger version.

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Autumn Blues

Berries, Autumn, Fall, Leaves, Blue, Red, Maple Leaf,
I’ve really enjoyed the fall colors this season. One morning I spent time in the woods just photographing leaves on the ground. While I’m looking for amazing colors and interesting patterns, I came across these berries reclining on a burgundy blanket.  I’m pretty sure these are not the edible blueberries we love.

The rich contrast between the blue of the berries and the deep red of the maple leaf make this a photo a favorite in my autumn collection.

It looks even cooler in the larger version because you can see tiny moisture beads on the berries. Click on the photo to see what I’m talking about.

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Sprig of Pearls

White Berries, Autumn, Fall Colors, Berries

Autumn is wrapping up in our area – as far as colorful foliage goes.  These white berries stand out next to the normally green leaves of this plant I found on the edge of a wooded area.

I spent a good deal of time trying to identify this plant.  I wasn’t able to find anything I could be confident to share.  It seems to be a common plant in our area.

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