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Buzz By Here - To Infinity and Beyond

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Bumble Bee Choreography

Messy Hands

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Child In the Ligtht

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Troubadours of Basin Spring Park

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Sun Day

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Hear Me Roar


Four and Twenty

Birds, Silhouette, Wire, Power Line, Monochrome

Those who follow my work know, I photograph a wide range of subjects.  I capture, photographically, the things that capture me.  This is one of those images. I was just working in the yard and noticed the way the birds on the power line were sitting, almost perfectly spaced, even on the line the angling down to the insulator.

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Heads Up

Sandhill Crane, Cranes, Wheat, Field, Wisconsin, Door County

Two Sandhill Cranes are up to the necks in wheat. This wheat field is in southern Door County, Wisconsin.

Sandhill cranes have always presented a challenge for me. They seem to be very shy and quick to take off when I try to get close. These two required a creative, persistent approach. Here’s how it happened.

Sara, my wife, and I were on a weekend getaway in Door County. We were heading to Peninsula State Park for a day of hiking through the woods. On the way Sara spotted these guys in a wheat field that we passed. We decided to go back an try to get a shot. I pulled over and we switched positions, so Sara was driving and I was free to take the photos. The plan was to approach the field at a relatively slow speed…but not too slow, so the birds wouldn’t get spooked.  I would try to focus in and snap a few frames before they caught on and disappeared.

The first pass was a resounding failure.  The movement made it hard to find and focus on the birds with my zoom lens and my exposure settings were way off.  We turned around and tried it again. This time I had the right exposure but the birds sensed something was up and were on the move. Their heads were bobbing up and down in the field, always in a different spot than the last.  Sara remarked, it reminded her of a Whack-A-Mole game.

We approached slower and even stopped as the birds headed for the brush at the edge of the field.  Before they really took off, I got a couple of decent shots.  There were actually 4 or 5 of them in the field, but with their concealed movement and head bobbing, I was never able to catch more than three in any shot.  This is the one I liked best.

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House Sitting House Wren

House Wren, Wren, House, Birdhouse, Bird, House, Small Bird

I happened to catch this house wren sitting in the doorway of its home, but it wasn’t there long. I was constantly swooping in and out to bring insects to the babies inside.

In an earlier post, I showed this same wren with a beak full of spider to feed the babes. See it HERE.

This bird was photographed on a recent trip to northwest Missouri.  We’ve not been able to attract an wrens to nest in a similar house we have in our yard in northeast Wisconsin.

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Shy Dove


I took my camera for a walk around the yard. It had been a rainy day and I thought I might get another perspective of the “normal,” since everything would still be wet.

While stooping down to take a photo of some bleeding hearts in the flowerbed, I saw something run from one clump of plants to another.  It took some stalking to finally get a look at what had moved.

It’s a young mourning dove; very young and apparently too small to fly.  I was able to catch this shot before it darted, again, into the brush. It must have thought it was hidden pretty well.  I saw it again, the next day, hanging out with other birds, grazing under some bird feeders. When they saw me, the birds flew off…and this one ran for the safety of the flowerbed.

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Sea of Gulls

Sea Gulls, Lake Michigan, Kewaunee, Lighthouse, Wisconsin, Sunrise, Sunset

Seagulls take to flight before the Kewaunee, Wisconsin pier and lighthouse as the sun rises over Lake Michigan.

Yesterday I was on the beach to photograph the sunrise.  I had finished started walking back to the car, ready to head home to grab breakfast before going to work.  As I neared the parking lot, I noticed a large number of seagulls resting on the beach.  I figured, as I got closer, they would eventually take off.  So I prepared my camera for the shot.

When they began to take off, with my camera at arm’s length, I just pointed in their direction and snapped away – one-handed because I was carrying my tripod in the other.  Looking directly into the brightness of the sun, I really couldn’t see what I was shooting, so I was rather pleased with what I saw when I downloaded the morning’s images to my computer.

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Family Outing

Canada Goose, Geese, Goslings, Swimming, Water

It’s great to be able to get the kids outdoors for a little exercise.  This family of Canada geese are making their way to the other side of the pond.

The “cute factor” makes this scene a winner. Beyond that, I was very pleased with the vivid green reflection on the water, created by the trees lining the shore. I’ll have to add this to my “favorites” category.

I captured this image on a recent visit to the Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve, located along the west shore of the Bay of Green Bay.

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Happy Dance

Goslings, Geese, Dance, Gosling, Canada Goose

“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking” ― Agnes De Mille

It seems there’s one in every bunch. While it’s siblings seem intent on foraging for food, the guy in the middle is bustin’ a move.

This Canada Goose and her goslings were found at  Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve, located along the west shore of the Bay of Green Bay.

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