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Fireworks Photos

Fireworks Watercolor

This image is one of my favorites from the series I took at Kewaunee’s Trout Festival fireworks show.

I wouldn’t consider the fireworks burst the best of the bunch I took, but I find the reflection on the water awesomely spectacular. The purples, the reds, the greens…a literal watercolor painting in the harbor.  The full moon is showing off a bit, too.

Lighting Up the Harbor

Fireworks, on the opening night of the annual Trout Festival, lit up the sky and harbor of Kewaunee, WI.  The full moon offered it’s own amazing illumination and reflection.

Those familiar with the Kewaunee harbor will recognize the historic tug, Ludington, on the right side of the photo.  The little bright dot beyond the point where the fireworks were launched is the light of Kewaunee’s lighthouse.  On the left side is the Coast Guard station. The orange streak reflecting on the water (near the middle of the channel) is from the flashing lights of the Coast Guard boat – positioned to keep boats clear of the fireworks launch area.

Conspicuous Display

This is another shot from this year’s fireworks show at Kewaunee’s Trout Festival.  (7/15/11)

Again, the firework’s bold burst, the reflection off the water, the full moon and the detail of the harbor at night combine to make this one of my favorites.

I have a hand full of other images of the Trout Fest fireworks that I will be posting now and then.  Check back regularly. And, by all means, feel free to share the link to theses posts with others.

Depending on the size of your monitor, you may be able to see a larger version of this image by clicking on it.

Full Moon and Fireworks

The folks who attended the 2011 Kewaunee Trout Festival enjoyed two spectacular displays…the fireworks show and a full moon.

I positioned myself at nearly surface level with the Kewaunee harbor in order to capture the reflection off the water.  I think the reflections are as appealing as any other part of the images.  In fact, I’m considering combining a number of the firework reflections to create a colorful image of its own.

This was my first opportunity to capture fireworks with my Sony SLT-A55V.  I wish the fireworks show was a few hours long, rather than a few minutes.  I need that kind of time to really experiment with settings and angles, etc.  

For my photography friends, here are some of the specifics… Of course, I had the camera on a tripod, had it in manual mode, on the “Bulb” setting and used a remote trigger…F/11.0, ISO 200, 13-seconds, 28.0 mm.

I’m pleased with a number of the images I captured and will be posting more, so check back. Or, better yet, just subscribe to the RSS Feed.

Both of these images (especially the smaller one) are better when bigger – so click them to see a larger view.