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High Five Fly By

Hummingbird, Female, Flying, Bird, This female ruby-throated hummingbird seemed to be offering (and expecting) a high-five as she zipped by.

I finally got around to taking some hummingbird photos yesterday.  I’m a bit rusty at the high-speed skills it takes to snap one of these.  I’ll have to get out there more.

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Tiny Details

ruby-throated, Hummingbird, Male, In flight, Colorful

This male, ruby-throated hummingbird was just as intent on keeping an eye on me as I was in keeping an eye on him.

This was my first attempt at snapping a hummingbird photo this year.  I didn’t think it went well, but…on second thought.  I’ve had to change the way I snag these photos so I’ve not had time to perfect my method.  I’ll be working on that.

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Short Stuff

This cute rascal is a Ruby-throated hummingbird.  A tiny, zippy bird that is one of my favorites…and most challenging to photograph.  This particular one seems to be a short, stocky gal – but she wears it well, don’t you think?

I believe the hummingbirds that have entertained us this year have flown south for the winter.  We haven’t seen one for a week or so.

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Aerial Ballet

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Two female Ruby-throated hummingbirds perform a delicate dance by my window.

Well, actually…in the interest of full disclosure, they were both flying by my window – just as you see them here – but not at exactly the same time.  I combined two different photos to make the scene more interesting.  They only missed each other by a minute or two.

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Angel’s Wings

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This female Ruby-throated hummingbird was keeping an eye on me as I took her profile portrait.

Three things I love about this shot.  1) The sharp detail in the bird’s head.  2) The ghost-like blurring of the wings. 3) The little feathers on the neck that look like flecks of gold.

To see more of the detail, click the photo.


This male, Ruby-throated hummingbird was showing off for me. I love it when the light hits their gorget just right and you get a flash of that iridescent, ruby-red color they derive their name from.

For bonus points…

gor·get (gôrjt)
1. A piece of armor protecting the throat.
2. An ornamental collar.
3. The scarflike part of a wimple covering the neck and shoulders.
4. A band or patch of distinctive color on the throat of an animal, especially an area of brightly colored feathers on the throat of a bird.

Click on the image to see a larger image and those brightly colored feathers on the throat in greater detail.