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Some of Your Beeswax

Sedum Bumbler

Look of Defiance

Chicory Bee

Bumbling Bees

Garden Cafe

Buzz By Here - To Infinity and Beyond

Pick Your Poison

Blind Side Attack

On a Mission

Honey Bee on Sedum

Covering the Cosmos

Center of the Cosmos

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Popular Spot

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Messy Hands

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Bumble Bee Choreography

Messy Hands

A Sample of Pop’s “People” Photo Collection

Considering the Next Move

Sugar and Spice

Front Porch Portrait

Caged Competitor

Early Adoration

Child In the Ligtht

Stroll Through the Weeds

Attention Grabbing

Eye Contact

On the Line

Eyes of Wonder

Rounding the Curve

Troubadours of Basin Spring Park

Down by the Creek

Sun Day

Catching Some Light

EAA Fireworks

Hear Me Roar


Bright Eyes

On a trip to Green Bay’s Botanical Gardens, hidden among the foliage, I happened upon this precious, delicate flower.  I believe, among all the beauty of the gardens, this was the best image I captured that day.

It’s taken me some time to post this photo because it took a lot of work to present what you see now. What you don’t see, from the original, is a triangle-shaped shadow that ran from her eye, across her nose, to her lip – created by the leaf near her eye. You also don’t see the tripod and jacket on the ground that was protruding from behind her head. Obviously, this wasn’t a planned, posed shot, but an on-the-fly capture.

This is my friend, Lindsey.  She has the personality to go along with those dimples and smile.

To get a better view of those bright eyes, just click on the photo.

With All His Heart

This is my friend Bill. On Saturdays, when I can, I stop by to visit with him at a local senior care facility. Yesterday, for the first time in all my visits, I brought my camera along.

When I asked if I could take his picture, his eyes lit up, he smoothed his hair a bit, removed his glasses and asked for his horn. (It’s kept in a case on the nightstand next to his bed.)

Bill loves his family, he loves Jesus and he loves playing music. I believe he’s mostly self-taught. Because of his condition, he doesn’t play with the same proficiency he once did, but, as you can see, he plays with heartfelt passion.

While playing, his expression looks pained, but in reality, it’s the look of concentration – on breath control, notes, tone, technique…  And, more than anything, you see the portrait of a man intent on persevering; a man playing with all his heart.

He gave a mini-concert that brought compliments and encouragement from the passing care-givers. (God bless them.)

Larger images of these photos can be seen by clicking on them.

The Girl with Golden Locks

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives. ~ Albert Einstein

This photo was mostly an accident…something I just stumbled into.  Didn’t realize what I had until I was browsing through a batch of photos from the day.  The sweet, little girl in the big field grabbed my attention.

I cropped the original, tweaked the contrast and exposure, enhanced the colors, added an effect to soften the foreground and background…and found an image I love.

If it appeals to you, by all means, share it with others.

Click the image to see a larger version.

Carried Away by Love

Weddings seem perfect for black and white images.  (White dresses, black tuxes.)  This picture struck me as a good candidate. As you can see, I decided to leave a slight touch of color in the bride’s bouquet.

On their way to together forever, Aaron & Hannah McEnaney were married on June 4, 2011.

(A larger version of this photo may be viewed by clicking on it…especially if you have a large monitor.)

The Bride’s Bouquet

I had the honor of playing the role of Wedding Photographer at our son’s wedding. I took a ton of pictures and this is one of my favorites.

It was an outdoor wedding at the country home of the bride’s parents. The reception was held immediately following the ceremony in a tent on the property. (After a few posed photos of the wedding party and family.) At the head table, the gal’s bouquets were displayed in vases placed directly in front of each gal.

I decided to snap a closeup of the bride’s bouquet.  While I was focusing and framing the shot, I noticed the groom having an intimate conversation with his bride. I don’t think they realized I was including them in this shot.

Even though the majority of the image is filled with gorgeous flowers in the foreground, your eyes are drawn to the blurred couple in the background.

I think this photo captures them…their couple personality…perfectly. (If you knew them you would think, “That is so them.”) Purposely keeping them out of focus conveys the intimacy of the moment and stirs the imagination. What do you suppose this groom is whispering to his bride?

(Click the image to see a larger version.)

Curly Top

For me, the most difficult part of photographing people is capturing an authentic natural expression. Much of what I end up with is nice, but lacking the true essence of the person I’m trying capture.

I’m pretty pleased with the way this one turned out.

(Click the image to see a larger version.)

Fashion and Friends

What little girl doesn’t like “dress up” and stuffed animal friends.

I’ve had the opportunity to focus on a couple of cuties the last few days.  This one loves to pose for the camera.

Portraits have not been my strong suit…but I’m working on it.

(Click on the main image for a larger view.)