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Messy Hands

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One Minute Sunset – 07-30-17

This is a time-lapse video of a July sunset at our home in rural Kewaunee County, WI.  This compresses about an hour of time into a minute.

Be sure to watch long enough to see the contrails (A trail of condensed water from aircraft at high altitude, seen as a white streak against the sky.)  There are three of them. It is easy to miss the first one. It shows up at about 27-seconds in as a light line coming in from the right side of the tree. The other two you won’t miss at 34 and 42 seconds. They come from the top of the frame and are prominent in the scene.

For the best viewing experience, you’ll want to watch this video at full-screen and high definition. To do so, click the controls in the bottom right corner of the video frame.

Duluth Aerial Bridge 07-16-17

This is a timelapse video of a large cargo ship sailing under the Aerial Lift Bridge as it leaves the Duluth, Minnesota harbor to the waters of Lake Superior. You will see the Aerial Lift Bridge lower and then raise, slightly, for some smaller craft.

This was recorded just before sunrise on July 16, 2017.  I had picked a spot, on a hill overlooking the city of Duluth, hoping to capture a sunrise over Lake Superior.  While I waited for the sun, I set up my video camera to watch the Aerial Lift Bridge.  This is the result.

For the best viewing experience, click the controls at the bottom right of the frame to view it in HD and full-screen.

Spirits In the Sky – Video

July 23rd was a particularly active day for the skies in our area. I set my camera in the wheat field across the road from our home and let it record a couple of hours.

My favorite part of this video is watching the development of clouds; seemingly out of thin air.  I also think it’s cool to see the sun brighten the wheat field when it breaks through an opening in the clouds.

This video condenses two hours of real-time video into about two minutes.

For the best viewing experience, click the controls at the bottom right of the frame to view it in HD and full-screen.

Algoma Enterprise at Duluth – Timelapse

The cargo ship, The Algoma Enterprise, arrives at the port of Duluth, Minnesota on July 16, 2017. This time-lapse video shows it sailing under the Aerial Lift Bridge and then the bridge lowering.

This was a very cool event. Needing a little time together, my wife and I snatched a weekend away to Duluth, MN.  My plan was to try to capture a nice photo of their famous Aerial Lift Bridge with the sunset behind it.  While there to capture the sunset, a large ship was arriving – the Algoma Enterprise.  We waited longer than we would have to see this ship pass by.  I set my video camera on the tripod and let it record the event.  This is the result.

The Algoma Enterprise is listed as a, “Self Discharging Bulk Carrier.”  This ship is about 730 feet long and 76 feet wide.  It’s home port is Toronto, Canada.

You can view the full-screen version of this video by clicking the full-screen control in the lower right hand corner.

One Minute Sunrise 07-20-17 – Video

This is a timelapse video of a sunrise over rural Kewaunee County, WI. This sunrise was captured behind my house on July 20, 2017. I began recording in the dark of dawn; before sunrise.

It was a windy morning which, as you can see, gave a lot of motion to lower level clouds. I put the camera on a tripod behind my house to protect it from shaking by the wind. One minute of video represents an hour of actual time.

I recently picked up an inexpensive video camera, in hopes of using it to for capture timelapse photography.  It’s a different genre of art and I have a lot to learn.

Kewaunee Light & Sky – Video Slideshow

This is another attempt at showcasing some of my favorite photos using a video/slideshow.  These images are from my Kewaunee lighthouse collection.

I used a different, more complicated, software solution.  I’m not sure the results are so dramatically different than using the simple software I used in my previous post.  Only the pros might notice or care about the difference.  I was glad that, with a little determination, I was able to figure out the software and get the results I wanted.

I’ve seen varying activity for the slideshows when I post them to social media.  On Facebook, I got fewer “Likes” than a normal photo post but a lot more comments and many more shares.  Oddly, with all those comments, shares and views I’m not seeing any increase in actual traffic to this website.  On Google+ they seem to barely get noticed – much less activity than for a normal photo post; even when I put them in a “Collection.” Well, I still consider this the experimental stage.

For the best viewing experience, I suggest you click on the “full-screen” icon in the bottom right corner of the video.

All of the images featured in this video can be found on my sight.

Algoma Light & Sky – Video Slideshow

I have been wanting to produce a slideshow of my images for some time.  I finally got around to getting one done.

For my first effort, I decided to focus on sunrise images of the lighthouse and pier of Algoma, WI. Of course, I have plenty of other material to work with, as well, so that poses a couple of questions. What will be my next slideshow theme and how long before I get it completed?

I’m sure the next one will come together quicker.  This one took me much longer than I anticipated.  Finding the right software or app was a big hurdle. (I actually tried several software options before I found something simple enough to be workable, at least for me.) It took me hours just to find music I liked.  And, of course, I’m trying to create a masterpiece and stay within my budget of $0.00.

Well, now that I’ve released it to the wild, I guess I’ll find out if the beauty that was in the eye of this “beholder” resonates with others.

For the best viewing experience, I suggest you click on the “full-screen” icon in the bottom right corner of the video.

All of the images featured in this video can be found on my sight.