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Messy Hands

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Sunrise and Splendor

Sunrise, Clouds, Lake Michigan, Lighthouse, Kewaunee
A magnificent, pre-sunrise, panoramic display by the morning sky and clouds seems to envelop the Kewaunee lighthouse and pier. The warm reflection off Lake Michigan’s calm waters only accentuates the exhibition.

I’ve always believed, the best part of a sunrise is not the sun, but the clouds.  The sun creates the light and color, but the clouds provide the character.  Not heavy cloud cover, but the light, wispy kind that provide natural texture and interest to a scene. To me, a cloudless sunrise is pretty bland.

It seems I’ve been writing a lot about how I don’t often post panoramic images because their wide-view perspective doesn’t fit well within the typical web site parameters. Well, I must be on a bit of a panoramic kick these days, because I’ve posted more panoramas in the last few weeks than I have in as many years. I guess, when the mood and the beauty hits me, I can’t pass it up.  It’s a little more work in processing, but I believe the results are well worth it.

Of course, when I post a panoramic image I must urge you to click on the photo so you can view a much larger version.  There are  a lot of birds in this photo, but you’ll miss most of them if you don’t view the larger version.  Again, just click on the photo and a full-screen version will open in a new browser tab.

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