A Sample of Pop’s Autumn Foliage Images

Luminescent Leaves

Season Finale

Fall In the Ferns

Fall On the Rocks

Autumn Blues

Sprig of Pearls

Goodbye Gorgeous

Red Velvet

Autumn Upshot

Wonder Leaf

Scarlett Barbs

Autumn's Palette

Cascading Sumac

Fall Arrangement

Fall Leaf Patterns

Turning Red

Two Leaves Left On the Right

Color Coordination - Autumn Leaves

Autumn Glory

Beautiful Branch

Sumac in the Sun

Little Show Off

Autumn Upshot

A Sample of Pop’s Sunrise Collection

Wisps of Light

Bright Future

Sunrise of Hope

Gold Standard

Red Sky at Morning

Wide Awakening


Wide Eyed Sunrise

Sun & Surf Rising

Dawn's Brighter Light

Crimson Tide

Moody Morning

Dawn of Promise

Sweet Distraction

Sunrise Frolic

Algoma Sunrise Panorama

Beaming Breakthrough


Break of Dawn

Sunrise Sedation

Morning Walk

Sunrise Brushstrokes

Risin' and Shinin'

Summertime Sunrise

Algoma Sunbeam Panorama

Bathed in Beams

Early Amber Rising

Lighthouse Bling - Portrait

Lighthouse Bling

Morning Farm Field

Sunrise Pano 07-14-11

Sunrise Siren Call

Kewaunee Morning Glory

Morning on the Pier

Kewaunee's Premium Blend

Morning Beam

Winter Lighthouse

Kewaunee Morning Sunrise - 08/14-10

Going Fishing - 08-14-10

The Break of Dawn

Burning Off the Fog

Fishing Glory

A Brighter Beacon

Peace Like a River

Winter Beach - Color

Winter Beach - Sepia-toned

Fire & Ice Sunrise

Kewaunee Morning Glory

Algoma Sunrise Panorama

Kewaunee Lighthouse at Sunrise

Bluebird Trio

These blue birds look like their belting out a favorite song in three-part harmony.  Actually, they are hoping someone will drop a worm or bug in their mouths.  The wide open mouths are a response to a soft whistle from me.  Even though I don’t sound anything like a blue bird, the whistle is close enough to make them think lunch is being served.

The smaller photo features the soloist of the family.

These blue birds are about a week old and progressing along nicely.  However, not everyone in the brood has fared so well.  Before the hatch I counted six eggs.  It appears that four hatched and survived, but we found one of the four dead and removed it from the nest.  (Surprised that the parents hadn’t removed it, since it had been dead for awhile and was smelling really bad.)

They have a couple of weeks to go before they are ready to take to the wing.  It’s going to get very crowded in that little box by the time they fledge.  There were five that survived to fledgling stage last year. That box was really crowded.

(Click on either image to see a larger version.)

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