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Bluebird Trio

These blue birds look like their belting out a favorite song in three-part harmony.  Actually, they are hoping someone will drop a worm or bug in their mouths.  The wide open mouths are a response to a soft whistle from me.  Even though I don’t sound anything like a blue bird, the whistle is close enough to make them think lunch is being served.

The smaller photo features the soloist of the family.

These blue birds are about a week old and progressing along nicely.  However, not everyone in the brood has fared so well.  Before the hatch I counted six eggs.  It appears that four hatched and survived, but we found one of the four dead and removed it from the nest.  (Surprised that the parents hadn’t removed it, since it had been dead for awhile and was smelling really bad.)

They have a couple of weeks to go before they are ready to take to the wing.  It’s going to get very crowded in that little box by the time they fledge.  There were five that survived to fledgling stage last year. That box was really crowded.

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