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The Beeline

Beeline (noun) 1. direct, straight course.  2. To move swiftly in a direct, straight course.

One of my “quests” this summer was to capture a bee in flight.  They’re small, quick and errattic.  Hard to catch in focus. So far, none of my efforts have come close to what I would deem, “successful.”

The image above is the best I’ve managed…so far…and it was by accident. (That  happens more than I might like to admit.)

I was taking photos around a flower bed beside our house.  While I was changing camera settings, I accidentally pressed the shutter button.  A that exact moment, a bee happened to be zipping into the frame…and voilá.

If I were trying for it, I wouldn’t try in black and white, but looking at this, I really like the intensity it creates.  The bee – with his straight antennae, trailing legs and blurred wings – looks like he is on a do-or-die mission and will not be denied.

To see a larger version of this image, just click on it.

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5 Responses to The Beeline

  • You’re kidding right ?? This is an incredible shot.

  • What a great shot! Bill I love this photo!!!

    • Carey – thanks for you kind words…on this an the other bird photos. Feel free to share anything you like.

  • Bill, I absolutely love the photos you have taken. Each one is special. You are so artistic, and the commentary added so much to the browsing experience. It is refreshing to one’s soul, to be able to look at something that is beautiful, or interesting, or captures the essence of life and nature. Thank you for putting so much time and thought into what you have done, and sharing it with your friends. This is clearly a passion for you that we have all benefitted from. May God bless you, and give you many, many days to capture what is around you— with the click of your camera.

  • Awesome! I love your happy accidents. 😉