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Messy Hands

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Front Porch Portrait

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Attention Grabbing

Eye Contact

On the Line

Eyes of Wonder

Rounding the Curve

Troubadours of Basin Spring Park

Down by the Creek

Sun Day

Catching Some Light

EAA Fireworks

Hear Me Roar


“Fini” means “The End” in the French language. It’s the perfect title for this breathtaking view last Friday evening. The brightest point at the bottom of the frame is the last bit of sun slipping behind the clouds.

My wife, Sara and I were driving home from a very enjoyable day of just spending time together. As we talked, we both noticed the stunning sunset. I held off as long as I could before I had to pull over, grab the camera out of it’s case in the back seat and snap a few frames.

I typically try to include something of interest in the foreground of sunset photos (an old tree, the silhouette of a building, etc.), but the clouds and the color were amazing enough on their own. (At least, I thought so.)

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