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The Churning

Algoma, WI, Rough Seas, Lake Michigan, Algoma, Winter, Snow, Ice
This is not my typical lighthouse photo from Algoma, WI. A spell of very cold temperatures created considerable ice along the shore and  powerful Lake Michigan winds churned up a torrent of wave action with spectacular splashes.

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Icy Morning Mist

Ice, Harbor, Lighthouse, Rocks, Sunrise, Algoma, Mist
When air temperatures are below freezing, the slightly warmer Lake Michigan waters can create a mist around areas that haven’t frozen over.  The early sun highlights the mist around the harbor and lighthouse of Algoma, WI.

Last February I posted another, very similar, view of this morning scene entitled, Frigid Sunrise Fog. This version offers more of the rocks and ice in the foreground.

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Cold Climb

Ice, Cold, Water, Ladder, Red, Lake Michigan
As cold as it is, it only seems natural to post a photo that reflects current conditions in Wisconsin.

The pier at Algoma was coated with Lake Michigan ice. The red ladder is a safety measure, giving anyone who were to fall off the pier, into the water, a way to climb out.  The water of the harbor wasn’t visible, due to the ice buildup.

To see more of the cold detail, click on the image and a larger version will open in a new browser tab.

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Amiable Awakening

Algoma, Lighthouse, Sunrise, Silhouette

Nothing is more enjoyable than watching the sky transition through a warm array of colors as the sun rises above Lake Michigan, behind the Algoma, WI harbor and lighthouse.  It doesn’t happen every morning.  In fact, it doesn’t happen more than it does.  But when it does, it’s well worth the effort to have a front row seat.

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Watercolor Sky

Sunrise, Lighthouse, Blue, Pink, Lake Michigan, Algoma
A wonderful morning of watercolor tones at the Algoma, WI lighthouse and harbor. A perfect place to be for a peaceful start to the day.  Of course, to see this beauty, you have to be willing to be there very early…before sunrise.

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Grillwork – Buick Eight

Buick, Buick Eight, Car, Automobile, Auto, Bumper, Grill, Chrome
They don’t make ’em like this anymore. Who wouldn’t love the stylish and extravagant front grill and bumper of this classic American automobile – the Buick Eight.

Every May, Algoma, WI hosts a classic car show downtown.  I usually snap a few photos and grab a brat from the firefighter’s food stand.

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Beyond the Veil

Blue, Sky, Sunrise, Lighthouse, Algoma, WI, Lake Michigan, Morning

The sun had risen well above the Lake Michigan horizon, but the clouds, acting as a veil, kept its full glory from illuminating the Algoma, Wisconsin lighthouse and pier.

I really like the subtlety of texture and light behind the thin clouds and the blue hues of early morning.

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Hope On the Horizon

Lighthouse, Water, Lake Michigan, Algoma, Wisconsin, Sunrise, Blue, Pier

The best colors of the morning sky happen a little before sunrise. This is the view, from the south pier, of the Algoma, Wisconsin harbor and lighthouse.  In a few minutes, the sun will rise over Lake Michigan.

If you look at the larger version of this image, you’ll be able to see the glow of the familiar red light from the lighthouse.  To view a larger version, click on the photo.

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Pick A Color

Fireworks, Algoma, Shanty Days, Reflection

Algoma’s annual Shanty Days celebration wraps up with a fireworks show on Sunday night.  I was there, on the beach, near the water’s edge with my camera to catch the colors in sky and on the water.

Those familiar with the Algoma harbor will recognize the red light on the lower right of the photo as the lighthouse at the end of the pier.

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Dawn’s Early Flight

Seagulls, Lighthouse, Algoma, Sunrise, Dawn, Harbor

On the morning I took this photo, it was a calm and slowly brightening scene. I was focused on capturing the color in the clouds behind the lighthouse.

A large number of seagulls were resting on the pier running perpendicular to the lighthouse, apparently having spent the night there.

For no particular reason, they began to take off and I simply clicked the shutter several times as they inserted themselves into the scene.

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