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Messy Hands

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American Goldfinch

Poolside Perch

American Goldfinch, Goldfinch, Flowers, Bird Bath, Yellow
An American Goldfinch (male) clings to a stalk from a blooming hosta while eyeing the refreshing waters of the garden birdbath.  The bright yellow summer plumage makes him a standout.

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Goldfinch on Lookout

American Goldfinch, Thistles, Purple Thistle, Goldfinch, Finch, Yellow, Bird

An male American Goldfinch looks over the surroundings, comfortably perched on a purple thistle.

This particular bird had a staring role in a couple of earlier posts – Fan Dancer and Watchful Eye.  He was not particularly shy and allowed me to get closer than most birds will. I was grateful.

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American Goldfinch Portrait

American Goldfinch, Female, Winter Plumage, Close-up

Isn’t she a beauty. This is a female American Goldfinch. She was kind enough to pose for this portrait on the suet feeder. She cam decked out in her Sunday best, winter plumage; not a feather out of place. I’m sure it was a cold day.

This is a photo I pulled up from the archives. It was taken a few years ago using my old Kodak Easyshare DX75909.  For a simple camera (compared to what I use today), it did some exceptional work.

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Fan Dancer

american goldfinch song american goldfinch picture american goldfinch facts american goldfinch migration lesser goldfinch american goldfinch nesting american goldfinch range feeding natural thistle thistles

This was an American Goldfinch that I found by the marina in Algoma, Wisconsin.  He was feasting on the thistles growing near the water’s edge; pulling out the white tufts and munching on the seeds.  As you can see, thistle seeds are light and airy and tend to float with the breeze.

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Watchful Eye

Here’s a little touch of nature for you.  I stopped to take some photos around the harbor at Algoma, Wisconsin.  It wasn’t a foggy day elsewhere, but conditions were right to create a foggy area around the piers and lighthouse.  I took a few photos (some I’ll be posting later) of the pier and a fisherman in the fog, and the lighthouse and boats.

As I finished and headed back to my vehicle, I noticed a few wildflowers growing near the water.  I stopped to take a few random shots.  Then I noticed a few bees – always a favorite photographic subject of mine – so I stopped to take a few photos of them.  Then, as I started to leave again, I noticed a flash of yellow.  An American Goldfinch landed in a nearby patch of thistles to enjoy a meal.  It didn’t seem  bothered by my presence, so I started taking photos.  (Some I’ll post later.)

While concentrating on the Goldfinch, I happened to notice a bee in the foreground and refocused on the bee for awhile…as the bird continued to feast in the background.

The one thing I don’t like about this image (and others in the batch) is the background.  I think it looks unnatural and fake. The background is simply the water of the harbor.  I would have preferred something that had a little more color variation, instead of the flat blue, but I wasn’t able to change my position to create a different look.  The thistles were only a foot or two from the water and I was shooting from a position higher than the bird.

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The Flip Side

Those acrobatic clowns from our “Flying Circus” never cease to entertain and amaze.

As the seed level drops in the feeders, the level of creativity and persistence among the American Goldfinch community rises.

The zany, upside-down bird makes this an image worth posting, but I also find the white pattern on the wings of the bird in the middle interesting.

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