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Messy Hands

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Radiating Warmth

Lighthouse, Sunrise, Sunbeams, Beach, Kewaunee, Lake Michigan

A day! It has risen upon us from the great deep of eternity, girt round with wonder; emerging from the womb of darkness; a new creation of life and light spoken into being by the word of God.
~ E. H. CHAPIN, Living Words

The camera had a difficult time handling the full power of the morning sunrise at Kewaunee, WI. It was a blustery morning with strong winds and waves.

Normally, the blur created by seagulls flying  in the upper left would bother me but, for some reason, I like them in this shot.

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Beach Bum

Beach, Sand, Cockle-burr, Sepia, Monochrome

Just lounging on the beach, he portrayed an irritating aloofness with his pronounced stubble and unkempt hair continually sculpted by the wind.

A good deal of my photographic endeavor is spent at the beach, watching and waiting for a sunrise.  Sometimes the sunrise that shows up is less than spectacular.  But, I’m there with my camera; I might as well take some pictures. That’s where images like this come from.  I start looking around for something…anything…that might catch my eye.  Most of what I shoot at those times would not be worth sharing. Yet, now and then, I frame up something interesting.

For those who look, there are odd items to be found on the beach. This cockle-burr seems to be wrapped in the down shed from some shorebird.

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Memorial Morning

Lighthouse, Sunrise, Sunset, Beach Grass

I call this image Memorial Morning because it is one of several I took on Memorial Day, May 27, 2013.

It was a great morning for colorful skies.  In this image the sun was above the lighthouse and filtered by thin clouds.  It created a very interesting light.  Taking the photo from shore gave me an opportunity to put some beach grass in the foreground – another point of interest.

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Mystic Rock

Glass, Amber, Pebbles, Water, Rock, Glow

This interesting piece of glass caught my eye, being rolled around by gentle waves lapping the shore of Lake Michigan. Early morning light gives it a glowing, mystic quality.

This image was taken on the same morning as the previous post – Early Morning Meeting.

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Big Red

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This fireworks burst turned the water red.  This was part of the 26th annual Shanty Days celebration in Algoma, Wisconsin – on the western shore of Lake Michigan.

The fireworks are launched from the pier and people line the shore to watch the fun.  As you can see, I was positioned on the beach, at the waters edge.  If you’re familiar with the area, you might recognize the Algoma lighthouse – it’s that little red dot on the far right of the photo, just above the water.

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