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Heaven’s Lake

Lake, Fishing, Clouds, Sky, Lake Michigan
This is an early morning view of Lake Michigan – taken from the shore at Algoma, WI.  I was there to photograph the lighthouse at sunrise.  There were a few boats trolling close by and the opening in the clouds caught my eye.

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Heading for Open Water

Fishing Boat, Ice, Cold, Winter, Sunrise, Lighthouse, Kewaunee, Lake Michigan
A commercial fishing boat (the Oliver H. Smith) breaks its way through the ice of the Kewaunee, Wisconsin harbor on their way to the open waters of Lake Michigan. 

The ice in the harbor was thick enough to make getting out a challenge and it took quite a while for the boat to break through.  It would push and crunch its way into the ice, traveling 20 or 30 feet at a time before it would be halted.  Then it would back up and take another run at it…for the next 20 or 30 feet…back up and repeat until it finally got to open water. This shot shows it clear of the solid ice, heading out of the harbor.   I’ve included a short video of the struggle below.

The Oliver H. Smith, is a commercial fishing boat built in 1944 at Kewaunee Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. during World War II.  It was purchased in 1999 and is operated by Lafond’s Fish Market in Kewaunee.

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Lazy Man’s Cove

Sailboat, Dock, Sunrise, Reflection, Lake, Cove, Wisconsin

A lone sailboat rests as the sun rises over Lazy Man’s Cove.

Well, it’s not really called Lazy Man’s Cove.  I just made it up because, with the rickety dock in the foreground, I thought the name fit.

This is actually at the Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, Wisconsin.  This is a little protected area of the lake right next to the conference center.  I was up, wandering the grounds with my camera (of course), at sunrise last June.

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Solar Power

Algoma, Wisconsin, Lighthouse, Sunrise, Photography, Photo, Boat, Charter Fishing, Lake Michigan

The sun is an impressive force as it rises above the Lake Michigan horizon beyond the lighthouse at Algoma, Wisconsin.

The charter fishing boat “Cook’s Catch II” is the boat you see at the mouth of the harbor.

This is one of my favorite photographic targets – a lighthouse at sunrise.

Summer Escape

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Algoma, Wisconsin may be the perfect summer port.  This is a view of the sun rising over Lake Michigan behind the lighthouse and piers that form the harbor at Algoma.

I snapped this photo the Sunday morning of Algoma’s 26th annual Shanty Days Festival weekend. Don’t miss the the fishing boat in the harbor, heading out for the morning’s catch.

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Coming In

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A lone boat heads for the harbor of Algoma, Wisconsin after a morning of fishing on Lake Michigan. The combination of sun, sky, lake and boat provide plenty to keep the eye and the mind busy with this one.

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High Contrast

This is a study in contrasts.  The contrast of black and white tones and the contrast of the small fishing boat at the harbor and the large ship off shore.

It’s not often I see a large ship this close. There were strong winds coming from shore on this morning.  I believe they might have been keeping closer to shore where the seas would be a bit calmer than farther out.

To be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with this photo…wasn’t sure if I would post it.  The rich tones in the upper sky convinced me it was worth sharing. Feel free to offer your own opinion by leaving a comment.

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Tug Ludington – History on Display

This is the Tug Ludington, docked in the harbor of Kewaunee, WI. I took this photo in early July of 2011.  Of course, the image I snapped was clear and colorful. (See the smaller version.) But, because of the rich history of this vessel, dating back to the early ’40s, I decided  a “vintage photo” effect seemed appropriate.

To keep with the vintage look, I had to eliminate a red car that appears in the original photo, just above the stern.  I simply cloned the foliage near it over the car.

The Ludington now serves as a tourist attraction – open to summertime visitors every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Here’s some of the historic details of the Tug Ludington found on the City of Kewaunee’s web site

Built at Jacobson Shipyard in Oyster Bay, New York, the Tug Ludington was fourth in a series of eight seagoing tugboats constructed specifically for World War II in 1943. After sea trials it was christened the “Major Wilbur Fr. Browder” by the U.S. Army.

The tug’s armament consisted of two 50 caliber machine guns mounted above the chartroom and pilothouse. Tugs were often strafed by enemy planes and submarines, but were considered too small a target to waste a torpedo on.

The tug participated in the D-Day invasion of Normandy, towing ammunition barges across the English Channel. It eventually ended up in Cherbourg, France where it assisted harbor operations until being sent to Plymouth, England for the duration of the war.

In 1947 the tug was transferred to Kewaunee, Wisconsin by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and was renamed the “Tug Ludington.” With its arrival in Kewaunee, the Tug Ludington assisted in the construction and maintenance of many harbors on the Great Lakes.

The City acquired the Tug Ludington from the Federal Surplus Program on December 29, 1995 with official transfer from the U.S. Government Service Administration Federal Surplus Property occurring on May 14, 1996.

After acquisition, the City, community volunteers, and donations from both individuals and organizations evolved in the proper mooring facilities being constructed and restoration of the Tug Ludington to make it available for public tours.

On March 28, 2002, the “Major Wilbur Fr. Browder/Tug Ludington” was placed on the National and State Register of Historic Places by the Secretary of the Interior.

Return to Port

A small fishing boat returns to the Algoma, WI harbor after an early morning on Lake Michigan.

This was the first morning of the Kewaunee/Door County Salmon Tournament.  You can still see remnants of the heavy fog that kept a lot of boats from venturing out early this day.

The K/D Tournament is a big, big deal in these parts.  According to their Facebook page…

The KD Salmon Tournament is an amateur sport fishing tournament that runs for 9 consecutive days each summer. Approximately 2,300 to 2,800 contestants participate each year and over $40,000 in prizes are awarded. The largest fish caught will win the lucky fisherman $10,000 CASH. Most years the prize payout reaches 200 or more places.

The Tournament wraps up today.  For information about it, visit  Results for the tournament are posted to their Facebook page.

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