A Sample of Pop’s “Bee” Images


Some of Your Beeswax

Sedum Bumbler

Look of Defiance

Chicory Bee

Bumbling Bees

Garden Cafe

Buzz By Here - To Infinity and Beyond

Pick Your Poison

Blind Side Attack

On a Mission

Honey Bee on Sedum

Covering the Cosmos

Center of the Cosmos

Three's a Crowd

Popular Spot

On A Pedestal

On Golden Rod

The Beeline

Messy Hands

Bee on Yellow


Bumble Bee Choreography

Messy Hands

A Sample of Pop’s “People” Photo Collection

Considering the Next Move

Sugar and Spice

Front Porch Portrait

Caged Competitor

Early Adoration

Child In the Ligtht

Stroll Through the Weeds

Attention Grabbing

Eye Contact

On the Line

Eyes of Wonder

Rounding the Curve

Troubadours of Basin Spring Park

Down by the Creek

Sun Day

Catching Some Light

EAA Fireworks

Hear Me Roar


Wishful Thinking

Child, Candles, Candlelight, Dark, Glow, Cake, Portrait, Boy

I wonder what thoughts were rolling through the birthday boy’s mind before he makes his wish and blows out the candles. (Maybe wondering why there are only half as many candles as their shoudl be…or their odd placement.)

Turned out all the lights to capture this by pure candlelight.

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I Am Seven, Hear Me Roar

Child Photography, Girl, Expression, Expressive

Emma is seven years old and full of energy.  On this evening, she had bouncing-off-the-walls energy.

This is an awesome image!  Now, don’t get the wrong idea.  I’m not bragging on myself because it happened quite by accident – as awesome shots sometimes do.  It would never enter my mind to try an set up a shot like this. Any serious photographer will tell you, there are those moments that you couldn’t have planned, couldn’t have set up, when all the planets are aligned and the angels are smiling upon you. That was this moment.  Here’s how it came about.

I was outdoors, trying to capture a photo of some wrens entering/exiting their birdhouse.  I was using a 300mm, zoom lens, to get a close-up, from a distance.  I had just finished photographing the birds, because the day was ending and there no longer was enough light in the shaded area to get a good image.

About this time, folks showed up for a family gathering. Emma saw me with the camera and started hopping around me saying, “Take a picture of me!”  I couldn’t take a photo of her because I had the long zoom lens and she was too close – I couldn’t even get the lens to focus at that distance.  I told her she was too close, and if she would go a little farther away I could take a photo.  Well, I meant she should move ten to fifteen feet away.  Emma just heard, “farther away,”  and took off running.  My attempts to call her back never reached her ears and she finally stopped and turned around about 20 yards away.

The amazing thing was where she stopped.  Quite by accident, she stopped in a spot where the setting sun was able to stream through an opening in the trees. Ten feet farther or closer and she would have been in the shadows. I remember being in awe at the way the light was hitting her.  Thankfully I had the presence of mind to focus and shoot. Even then, I didn’t really think this shot would turn out so well…so sharp in the low light conditions. I have no idea of what she was saying to me.

For fellow photographers that would like the specifics:  1/90 sec, f/5.6, ISO 800, 300mm, handheld, no artificial light, manual mode.

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Hut Hut

Football, Hall of Fame, Child Photography, Green Bay Packers, Statue

A future football fan gets a unique perspective of the game in a life-size display at the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI.  It’s a fun place for the whole family, plenty to look at – especially for the true football fan.

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