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Messy Hands

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Sun Day

Sunrise, Lighthouse, Kewaunee, Lake Michigan, Silhouette The rising sun, behind the Kewaunee, WI lighthouse, provided a beautiful start for the early morning fishermen on the pier.

I named this one, Sun Day, because it was a Sunday morning sunrise; yesterday.

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Popular Night Spot

Full Moon, Lighthouse, Lake Michigan, Kewaunee, WI, Night, People
A number of people waited near the lighthouse, at the end of the long, Kewaunee, WI pier, to watch the full moon rise above Lake Michigan.

This was an August full moon. The small lights you see on the horizon are fishing boats out on the lake.  I took this photo from the beach with a large zoom lens.

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Fishing Light

Full Moon, Lighthouse, Kewaunee, Wisconsin, Night, Evening, Lake Michigan

The full moon and lighthouse presented a dramatic backdrop for a couple preparing to fish off the pier at Kewaunee, Wisconsin. When ready, they would cast a seine net over the side and illuminate the surface of the water with their lantern, hoping to attract small Lake Michigan fish – smelt.

The evening was much darker than it appears in this image and I was a lot farther away than one would think at first glance. I was on shore which put the lighthouse about 750 feet away.  The moon had to be at least three or four times that far. 😉

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Splendour Rising

Lighthouse, Fisherman, Sunbeams, Sunrise, Lake Michigan, Kewaunee, Wisconsin

Fishermen welcome the rising sun at the Kewaunee, Wisconsin pier and lighthouse. Kewaunee is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan.

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Sentinels – Fishing in the Fog

Monochrome, Fishing, Fishermen, Lake Michigan, Algoma, WI, B&W, Pier

Like sentinels with bayonets drawn, two fishermen are on high alert, ready for the bite.  These stalwart anglers are fishing for salmon in the early morning fog.  Their lures are plying the waters of Lake Michigan, off the pier at Algoma, Wisconsin.

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Kewaunee Pier Silhouette

Fishermen gathering on the pier at Kewaunee, Wisconsin is a common scene each fall.  This was an early morning shot, just after sunrise.  The sun is rising above Lake Michigan, directly behind the lighthouse.  This shot was taken from the beach.

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Sunrise Pier Fishermen

The Kewaunee Lighthouse is situated at the end of a very long pier that stretches out into Lake Michigan.  It is a very popular spot for fishermen. Behind these group of early morning anglers, the powerful sun begins its ascent.

If you look closely, you’ll notice a small boat in the very bottom right corner.

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Solar Power

Algoma, Wisconsin, Lighthouse, Sunrise, Photography, Photo, Boat, Charter Fishing, Lake Michigan

The sun is an impressive force as it rises above the Lake Michigan horizon beyond the lighthouse at Algoma, Wisconsin.

The charter fishing boat “Cook’s Catch II” is the boat you see at the mouth of the harbor.

This is one of my favorite photographic targets – a lighthouse at sunrise.

Fishermen by the Lighthouse

You know me. I’m a sucker for a sunrise…with a lighthouse…and a few clouds to add interest. The fishermen on the pier is the cherry on top.

The pier at Kewaunee, Wisconsin is a popular spot with fishermen during the fall salmon run. This was an early morning, the sun rising behind the Kewaunee lighthouse.

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