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Messy Hands

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Hear Me Roar


Misty Morning Boardwalk

Boardwalk, Algoma, WI, Bench, Fog, Mist, Foggy, Misty, Blue
As dawn begins to break over the Crescent Beach boardwalk in Algoma, WI, a light fog mutes the colors and quiets the light.

I left home by 4:30 to catch the sunrise at Algoma.  But, as you can see, the sunrise was not to be seen.  Well, not as I was expecting, anyway.

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Foggy River

River, Fog, Foggy, Morning Fog, Sunrise, Kewaunee, Wisconsin, WI
On my way to the Lake Michigan shore…just around the bend from my house…I cross the Kewaunee river. As I was returning home after shooting a sunrise over the lake, I stopped to snap a few of the river.

There is often a hint of fog in the cool, low lying areas of the river, but this morning there was more than usual and the warmth of the still rising sun (just out of the frame on the right) added a great quality to the scene.

Fog is always cool but, I think, one of the more challenging situations to photograph.  I find it very difficult to capture in the camera what the eye can see.  Even when you can snag a cool scene like this, it still lacks the actual experience.

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The Frozen Wondra

Frost, Mist, Fog, Lighthouse, Kewaunee, Cold, Winter
When extremely cold temperatures combine with the open water of Lake Michigan, it creates a foggy atmosphere. Take a calm morning – with no hint of a breeze – and mix the misty moisture in the air with those extremely cold temperatures and it will freeze to practically everything as a thick, but fluffy, frost. Wonderful stuff.

In the background, of course, is the well-known Kewaunee, Wisconsin pier and lighthouse.

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Sky Iris

Fog, Mist, Foggy, Misty, Trees, Cold, Winter, Sun, Sunrise, Sky, Sunbeams
It was a cold morning with 13-degrees Fahrenheit and patches of fog in our rural neighborhood.   This was a scene that caught my eye that morning. I tried to sharpen the trees a bit but the fog in the air kept everything soft.

I titled it Sky Iris because the sun in the trees remind me of a pupil and the fog-induced aura, accentuated by the branches, remind me of an eye’s iris.

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Keep Out

Woods, Rural, Driveway, Gate, Keep Out, Posted, Monochrome, Fog, Foggy

On a cold, dreary, foggy day, this rural driveway into the woods seems mysterious and even a bit dangerous.

This is a spot just down the road and around the corner from my home.  I drive by it quite often.  It never caught my eye until I drove by it slowly on a foggy day.

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Angling in a Fog

A lone fisherman waits in a fog for the first bite. He’s fishing for salmon or trout in the waters of Lake Michigan from the pier in Algoma, Wisconsin.

This was the scene I found last Saturday. I stopped and took a number of photos of this guy…and the lighthouse and flowers and bees and birds…”whatever caught my eye.”

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