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Algoma Sunrise Panorama

This is one of my earliest attempts to create a panoramic image by “stitching” together several individual photos. If I remember correctly, this is a combination of five photos.

The narrow format of this blog doesn’t offer the best view of wide images.  This is one you’ll want to see larger.  To do so, click on the image.

To see a variety of Pops Digital panoramas, look over our Panorama Gallery.

High Contrast

This is a study in contrasts.  The contrast of black and white tones and the contrast of the small fishing boat at the harbor and the large ship off shore.

It’s not often I see a large ship this close. There were strong winds coming from shore on this morning.  I believe they might have been keeping closer to shore where the seas would be a bit calmer than farther out.

To be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed with this photo…wasn’t sure if I would post it.  The rich tones in the upper sky convinced me it was worth sharing. Feel free to offer your own opinion by leaving a comment.

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Break of Dawn

The rising sun begins to peek from behind the Pier Light at Algoma, WI. The below zero temperatures caused steam to rise off of Lake Michigan. Even with the bitter cold temperatures, the gentle movement of the waves from the lake keep the harbor from freezing solid.

This was a tricky shot to get.  I had to climb down the ice-covered, rock embankment of the marina to get as close to the harbor surface as possible.

The most amazing thing about this image, to me, is that I was able to capture this with my old camera.  My Kodak Easyshare DX7590 was a decent camera but far from a DSLR.

I was honored to have this photo featured on a prominant photography website – See it HERE.

Click the photo to see a larger version.

Algoma Lighthouse Rainbow

These images are some of my earliest, serious photographic attempts to capture of one of my favorite subjects – the Algoma, WI harbor and lighthouse.

This photo dates back to September 28, 1996. It was taken with my Kodak Easyshare DX7590 – a moderate step above a point-and-shoot camera that had a whopping, 5 mega-pixel sensor and a 10x optical zoom.

After a day of working at the church, I started for home. As I drove by the harbor, I noticed the rainbow.  I grabbed my camera and a new toy I had just received as a birthday gift a couple of weeks before – a circular polarizing filter.  It’s the filter that really brings out the colors of the rainbow.

A couple of things I remember from that shoot…  The rainbow was strong and lasted a long time.  I was able to take several photos from different locations around the harbor. Usually, about the time I get the camera out and the filter on, the beauty has faded.

I also remember being concerned about my camera, since there was a light drizzle falling.  I remember crouching under a very small tree to try to keep it dry.

For a larger view, click on any of these photos.

Sunrise Brushstrokes

This was an image I snapped on my way to church Sunday morning, September 11, 2011.  The clouds reminded me of the strokes from an artist’s paintbrush.

These are is the piers and lighthouse of the Algoma, WI harbor.  The sun, rising above a calm Lake Michigan.

Early morning fishermen are starting to populate the piers as salmon begin their annual  to come in to spawn up river. I took this photo around 6:30 am.

If this image appeals to you – by all means – share it with your friends. (Thanks.)

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Too Wonderful for Me

There are three things which are too wonderful for me, yes, four which I cannot resist photographing. The rise of a morning sun, the set of an evening sun, majestic sunbeams piercing the darkness and the form of a rainbow in the sky. (Pops Digital paraphrase of Proverbs 30:18.)

I captured this image of the Algoma, WI harbor, on the western shore of Lake Michigan, while on my way to prepare for a Sunday morning service at the church where I serve as pastor.

I always have an eye on the sky.  As I was driving to Algoma I could see that there might be a worthwhile photo op developing.  This is the scene I found when I reached the harbor – just a few blocks from the church.

The sunbeams poured through for about ten minutes. I captured several appealing images and will share more in upcoming posts. Check back often.

You can see a larger version of this image by clicking on it. And, as always, if you enjoy the images you find here, please share them and this site with others.

Lighthouse Bling

The early morning sky and it’s reflection off the Algoma, WI harbor make this one of my favorites.  The lighthouse gets a bit of bling from the sun rising directly behind it.  (Technically, it’s not a lighthouse. It’s a “pier light,” but everyone refers to it as the Algoma Lighthouse.)

The close up image on the left, gives you a better view of the effect created by the star filter I used.

If you like these images, by all means, share them with your friends.

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Return to Port

A small fishing boat returns to the Algoma, WI harbor after an early morning on Lake Michigan.

This was the first morning of the Kewaunee/Door County Salmon Tournament.  You can still see remnants of the heavy fog that kept a lot of boats from venturing out early this day.

The K/D Tournament is a big, big deal in these parts.  According to their Facebook page…

The KD Salmon Tournament is an amateur sport fishing tournament that runs for 9 consecutive days each summer. Approximately 2,300 to 2,800 contestants participate each year and over $40,000 in prizes are awarded. The largest fish caught will win the lucky fisherman $10,000 CASH. Most years the prize payout reaches 200 or more places.

The Tournament wraps up today.  For information about it, visit  Results for the tournament are posted to their Facebook page.

(For a larger view of this image on a black background, simply click on the photo.)

Somewhere Out There

When you look at this image, does it evoke feelings of  hopeful expectation or foreboding…or some of both?  The unknown can be both exciting and unsettling.

The morning of this photo shoot started out with thick fog but, eventually, the sun had it’s way.  This image portrays the epic battle. The field of battle was a Lake Michigan harbor at Algoma, WI.

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Lighting Up the Harbor

Fireworks, on the opening night of the annual Trout Festival, lit up the sky and harbor of Kewaunee, WI.  The full moon offered it’s own amazing illumination and reflection.

Those familiar with the Kewaunee harbor will recognize the historic tug, Ludington, on the right side of the photo.  The little bright dot beyond the point where the fireworks were launched is the light of Kewaunee’s lighthouse.  On the left side is the Coast Guard station. The orange streak reflecting on the water (near the middle of the channel) is from the flashing lights of the Coast Guard boat – positioned to keep boats clear of the fireworks launch area.