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Party Lights

Leaf, Leaves, Colorful, Spring, Branches, Trees, Bokeh, Bright

It’s the middle of winter and my last few posts have featured some pretty dreary tones.  I thought it was time for some color so I did a little browsing and found this gem waiting on my hard drive since last spring.

These leaves, photographed in the woods of Northeast Wisconsin (near my home), were early spring sprouts; debuting last April. The way the sunlight illuminates them, it reminded me of colorful party lights strung though the trees.

Take a look at the larger size by clicking on the image.  I think  you’ll find it a better view.

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Spring’s Serenade (textured effect)

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I’ve been fiddling with my images lately.  (You might have noticed yesterday’s post – Morning Friends)

This image was originally posted last April (see Spring’s Serenade).  When I first posted it I shared it with some friends and mentioned I thought it would be a perfect image for a textured effect.  Well, I finally got around to trying one on.

It changes the feel of the bright, vivid original image.  You should look at both and see which you prefer.

If you have a large monitor, you can view a larger version of this image by clicking on it.

Spring’s Serenade

According to Wikipedia… In music, a serenade (or sometimes serenata) is a musical composition, and/or performance, in someone’s honor. Serenades are typically calm, light music.

The warm background tones, combined with the vivid color of spring’s first emerging leaves, really appeals to me.  It has a light and airy feel that reminds me of a classical music composition.

These are truly the first leaves of spring, photographed on a walk through some woods near my home.  I posted another image from this same walk entitled: The Scarlet of Spring.

Clicking on the image will bring up a larger version.

The Scarlet of Spring

We went for a walk along a trail through woods and farm fields.  The very first signs of spring were bursting forth.  This is the twig of a budding tree.

The unique qualities of this image were created by the camera and nature, itself.  Behind the sprouting twig was a river with sunlight sparkling off the ripples, through the leafless trees on the bank.  I was using a 300mm lens, so everything beyond the twig was blurred.

If you look closely, you can see a small bug resting on the left side of the top leaf.

To view a larger version, simply click on the image.