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Messy Hands

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Clump of Springtime

hepatica, liverleaf, liverwort, Flowers, Flower, Wildflower,

Some of the first bloomers in early spring, the Hepatica is a delightful wildflower find. This clump was photographed along a Wisconsin woodland path in April.

The Hepatica is in the buttercup family.  It’s also known by some other odd names (at least, to me) such as  liverleaf, liverwort and squirrel cups. I’ve read the “liver” names have to do with the shape of the leaves, which some believe resemble a human liver. I’ve also read some Cherokee and Chippewa tribes used Hepatica as a treatment for liver disorders and it’s still harvested for its medicinal values today.

You can view all the detail in this collection of Hepatica full-screen by simply clicking on the photo.

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