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Messy Hands

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Awakening at the Wayside

On my way to church early this morning (March 6, 2001) I noticed the sun breaking through the clouds over Lake Michigan.  I stopped at a wayside just south of Algoma, WI and took a few photos.

The wider view below was taken with a sweeping motion using the panorama setting on my camera – the Sony SLT-A55.

I have another image from this series that I’ll post soon.

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Spring’s Promise

On a dreary Wisconsin day, these blooming flowers caught my eye.

A few weeks ago my wife dropped some bulbs in a small pot in our living room and…voilà.

I’ve been itching for spring to arrive so I can get out and photograph the flowers, bugs, butterflies and bluebirds.


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Winter on the Shores of Algoma, WI

Winter – as presented by Algoma, WI on the morning of Sunday, February 27, 2001.  As I often do, I stopped for a moment to snap a few pictures on my way to church that morning.

Algoma sits on the western shore of Lake Michigan. Beneath the snow, next to the lamppost, is a boardwalk that runs along Algoma’s Crescent Beach. In the distance you see Algoma’s harbor and famous Pier Light.

I can’t decide if I prefer this image in color or B&W (slight sepia tone) so I offer you both. Give each your consideration and and let me know which one your prefer in the comments below.

If you click on either of the images you’ll get a larger version where you can easily flip back and forth between the two.

Lady in White

Here’s another view from a slightly different angle of “The Lady in White.”  As in the previous post, this scene was captured on a snowy day in the cemetery at Beaver Dam, WI.  The gentle snowfall made this more beautiful and serene than the photo conveys.  I’m going to have to practice more on photographing falling snow.

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Snow Covered Cemetery

The serenity of this cemetery scene was enhanced by the gently falling snow.  All the white dots you see are snowflakes.  The camera didn’t capture them well.

These photos were taken Saturday, February 26, 2011.  While driving through snow, returning from a trip to visit our son in Madison, WI, we made a pit stop in Beaver Dam.  There was cemetery just off the interstate. With the gently falling snow, it seemed like an opportune time and place for some interesting images.

I tweaked the tones and contrast a bit, but nothing I could do brought out the true beauty of the above scene. Guess you had to be there.

While driving along the winding snow covered paths of the cemetery, Sara noticed the “Snow” stone.  It seemed so fitting, I had to take a photo.  I figure, if we could find another one that says “cold,” we might be able to put winter behind us.

(Click the images to see a larger versions.)

Bluebird Hatch

Just hours old, these bluebirds are waiting for their siblings to hatch. All of them successfully hatched and fledged.

I shot this by lifting the top off the bluebird house and shooting straight down with my Kodak Easyshare DX7590.  This photo was taken in early June of 2010.

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Fading Fast

Out of the four worthwhile images I captured in this series, this is the one with the warmest tones.  Even the snow-covered field looks a little warmer.

This is the last of the series. Even though all of these images were captured within a half hour on the evening of February 13th, they show a surprising amount of variety.  If I weren’t the one who took them, I’d think they were from different sunsets.

Page through the previous posts to see them all.  Feel free to pick a favorite.

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Subtle Sunset

The combination of setting sun and layered clouds create an enjoyable view.

I spent about a half hour on my front porch early on the evening of February 13th and got several nice images.

This is the third of four images that I’ve posted from the series.  Page through the previous posts to see them all.  I’ll post the last one of the group tomorrow.

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Serenity Wow

This image strikes me as the perfect end to a peaceful day.

I spent about a half hour on my front porch early on the evening of February 13th and got several nice images.

This is the second of four images that I will post over the next several days. Check back for more beauty.

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