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Icing On the Lake

Ice, Cold, Winter, Lighthouse, Sunrise, Kewaunee, WI, Lake Michigan
When temperatures drop on Lake Michigan, the ice begins to form and coat anything it contacts.

This is a sunrise view of the lighthouse and pier at Kewaunee, WI – on the western shore of Lake Michigan.

That rock in the foreground isn’t actually a rock. It is an ice formation created by snow/ice breaking away from the shore and being trapped in the ice a few feet from shore.

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Winter Blues

Winter, Cold, Ice, Frozen, Lake Michigan, Sunrise, LighthouseAs you know, winter has been reluctant to release its grip on Northeast Wisconsin. This is a scene that reminds me of the battle between warmth and cold. The cold seems to be winning, preventing the sun from having its full effect. We’re all believing for the sun to triumph, the ice and snow to melt and warmer summer breezes to induce the gentle sound of waves on Lake Michigan’s shore.

This is a view of the Kewaunee, Wisconsin lighthouse shortly after sunrise…as seen from the snow and ice-covered beach. To view a larger, more detailed version, click on the photo.

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Algoma, WI, Lighthouse, Winter, Cold, Frozen, Ice, Lake Michigan
The evidence of a harsh winter clings to the Algoma, Wisconsin lighthouse and pier. This is a view from Algoma’s harbor, on the western shore of Lake Michigan.

The title not only referrers to ice and snow, but to the pinkish color of the lighthouse as well. Typically, the Algoma lighthouse (or pier light) is a vibrant red.  However, an inferior paint, applied a few years ago, has faded to a chalky pink. Thankfully, I’ve heard a fresh coat of paint is planned later this year.

To view more of the frozen details of this image, click on the photo and a larger version will open in a new browser tab.

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Heading for Open Water

Fishing Boat, Ice, Cold, Winter, Sunrise, Lighthouse, Kewaunee, Lake Michigan
A commercial fishing boat (the Oliver H. Smith) breaks its way through the ice of the Kewaunee, Wisconsin harbor on their way to the open waters of Lake Michigan. 

The ice in the harbor was thick enough to make getting out a challenge and it took quite a while for the boat to break through.  It would push and crunch its way into the ice, traveling 20 or 30 feet at a time before it would be halted.  Then it would back up and take another run at it…for the next 20 or 30 feet…back up and repeat until it finally got to open water. This shot shows it clear of the solid ice, heading out of the harbor.   I’ve included a short video of the struggle below.

The Oliver H. Smith, is a commercial fishing boat built in 1944 at Kewaunee Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. during World War II.  It was purchased in 1999 and is operated by Lafond’s Fish Market in Kewaunee.

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Winter, Kewaunee, Cold, Monochrome, B&W, Shadows, Tree, Lighthouse, Moody
The clouds and mist rising from Lake Michigan created a sullen scene at the Kewaunee, Wisconsin pier and lighthouse.

This was one of the last images I snapped on a very cold (below zero) morning of shooting. I’d been out there a lot longer than I would have thought – about an hour and forty-five minutes – but I found plenty to point my camera at. I was the only one braving the elements that morning. All of the footprints you see in the snow were made by me.

I had decided to call it a morning, was dismantling my equipment, folding my tripod and packing up to head home.  I looked back over my shoulder and noticed the shadows from the tree and it drew me back for a few more minutes.

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The Churning

Algoma, WI, Rough Seas, Lake Michigan, Algoma, Winter, Snow, Ice
This is not my typical lighthouse photo from Algoma, WI. A spell of very cold temperatures created considerable ice along the shore and  powerful Lake Michigan winds churned up a torrent of wave action with spectacular splashes.

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January Fog

Foggy, Fog, Field, Farm, Rural, Tree

Whatever lies beyond that tree has been swallowed up by a eerie mid-winter’s fog.

This is was snapped in the middle of the day, in the farm field across the road from our rural home in Kewaunee County, WI.  I’ve taken quite a few photos of this tree over the years.  See… Spring Enchantment, Day’s End Elm and Serene Sunset.

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Keep Out

Woods, Rural, Driveway, Gate, Keep Out, Posted, Monochrome, Fog, Foggy

On a cold, dreary, foggy day, this rural driveway into the woods seems mysterious and even a bit dangerous.

This is a spot just down the road and around the corner from my home.  I drive by it quite often.  It never caught my eye until I drove by it slowly on a foggy day.

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