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Messy Hands

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Sony SLT-A77V

Dramatic Calm

Algoma Lighthouse, Sunrise, Lake Michigan, Clouds, Landscape

Lots of gold-tone goodness in this one.  The sun has just come up over a calm Lake Michigan, but is being obscured and filtered by clouds.  This, of course, is the lighthouse that stands ever vigilant at the mouth of the Algoma, Wisconsin harbor.

The soft tone of the sky relaxes you, but the clouds add a bit of dramatic tension at the same time.

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Tidal Moon

Moon Rise, Moonrise, Full Moon, Moon, Lighthouse, Algoma, Wisconsin, Lake Michigan

A late-summer full moon rises over Lake Michigan, just behind the pier and lighthouse at the mouth of the Algoma, Wisconsin harbor.

I captured this image on September 30, 2012.  I remember it was a late Sunday afternoon when the Green Bay Packers were playing the New Orleans Saints.  It was a close game and I debated whether to miss it and hope for a good photo or just stay home and finish watching the game.  I listened to it on the radio as I drove to Algoma, but I missed the end of the game because I was out near the beach taking photos.

When I got back to my van, I heard the Packers won 28 to 27.  I hated to miss the game, but I’m glad I did.  Full moon photos like this don’t come along every day.

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Stylin Duck

Duck, Stretch, Wing, Stance, Brown, Blue, Pops Digital

This duck wasn’t content to be photographed in a normal duck squat.  She wanted to show off one of her more stylish features.

This wasn’t a momentary stretch.  I have several frames of her posing like this.  She wasn’t warming herself in the sun either, because the skies were overcast. She is standing on the edge of a small waterfall at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay, WI.

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Floral Prose

Red, Flowers, Texture, Pops Digital, Bill Pevlor

Every now and then I try something different. These flowers brightened up one of the flowerbeds in our yard last summer.  I took the photo and added a texture for a different effect.

I think I need to work more on textures.  Stay tuned.

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Across the Harbor

Sunrise, Harbor, Lighthouse, Algoma, Wisconsin

A beautiful, calm morning in the harbor of Algoma, Wisconsin. Beyond the harbor, the sun is rising over Lake Michigan.

Those who follow my work know this lighthouse is one of my favorite subjects.  This image was taken a few weeks ago. I’ve not had much success at catching a break when it comes to weather lately.  I was there yesterday around sunrise and, again, the sky was dreary and gray.

If you have a large monitor, you may be able to view a larger version by clicking on the photo.

Warming Up

Lighthouse, Kewaunee, Wisconsin, Sunrise, Pier

The lighthouse and pier at Kewaunee, Wisconsin awaits the warming power of the sun as it begins its rise over Lake Michigan.

This photo was taken at the end of November, so it was a pretty cool morning and, as you can see by the rough seas on the right side of the pier, it was quite windy as well.

To see a larger version of this photo, just click on it.  (It’s worth it to get a closer look at the wispy clouds around the sun.)

Blazing in the Grass

Sunrise, Grass, Sunset, Pops Digital

A rising sun and early morning sky made this patch of grass look warm on a chilly Saturday morning.

I stepped outside – into the brisk, early morning air – intending to capture some images of a light cover of frost that fell the night before.  The sun was just rising and provided a beautiful backdrop for the dried fall grasses.

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