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Messy Hands

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Hear Me Roar

Sony SLT-A77V

Goldfinch on Lookout

American Goldfinch, Thistles, Purple Thistle, Goldfinch, Finch, Yellow, Bird

An male American Goldfinch looks over the surroundings, comfortably perched on a purple thistle.

This particular bird had a staring role in a couple of earlier posts – Fan Dancer and Watchful Eye.  He was not particularly shy and allowed me to get closer than most birds will. I was grateful.

To get a larger view (provided you have a large size monitor), click on the photo.

Color Coordination – Autumn Leaves

Fall Colors, Autumn Leaves, Bright Leaves, Colorful Twig

A recent walk though some woods provided a lot of fall color.  On this trip, I focused on the small picture – close-up images of colorful leaves.

This caught my eye because of the combination of red and green against the dark background.

It seemed the smaller leaves were resisting the change. A youthful rebellion.

To view a larger version of this image, click on the photo.

Sentinels – Fishing in the Fog

Monochrome, Fishing, Fishermen, Lake Michigan, Algoma, WI, B&W, Pier

Like sentinels with bayonets drawn, two fishermen are on high alert, ready for the bite.  These stalwart anglers are fishing for salmon in the early morning fog.  Their lures are plying the waters of Lake Michigan, off the pier at Algoma, Wisconsin.

To get a better, larger view – simply click on the photo.


pho·to·gen·ic   [foh-tuh-jen-ik]


1. forming an attractive subject for photography or having features that look well in a photograph: a photogenic face.

When you look up the word “photogenic” in the dictionary, you should see Sara’s photo.

No doubt about it.  Some people are photogenic.  I’m blessed to have a wife that is one of them.  However, she’s not always willing to jump in front of a clicking camera.  I usually have to do a little coaxing.

This was a shot from the Happy Birthday to Me session.

Beautiful Branch – Autumn Display

Autumn, Leaves, Fall, Color, Red, Yellow, Orange, Maple, Tree, Branch

The beautiful colors of autumn are a testimony to God’s artistic creativity. What a blessing to behold the autumn leaves.

The leaves in our area have faded and stripped from the trees by gusty fall winds this last week. But we still have some dandy images.

To see this image in a larger format, simply click on the photo.

A Lovely Bunch

Red Mums, Mums, Red, Flowers, Fall, Autumn

The beauty of Autumn’s colors are not limited to the trees.  I found these gorgeous mums blooming at the entrance of the Public Library in Algoma, Wisconsin.

Hats off to whoever tended the their small flower bed.  It was a continual source of blooming beauty all season.

View a larger version of these beauties by clicking on the photo.

Rare Treat

Ground Squirrel, Chipmunk

A ground squirrel finds a rare treat and makes quick work of the cheese popcorn dropped by a passerby.

This was taken at the the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin. If you’re into these little critters, there are an abundance of them along the pathways.

To view a larger image of this little guy, click on the photo.

Backlighting II

Full Moon, Lighthouse, Moonrise, Algoma, WI, Door County, Pier Light, Night View

A full moon rises above Lake Michigan behind the lighthouse at the mouth of the Algoma, Wisconsin harbor.

I consider this a companion image to a sunrise I captured in a similar pose – both taken within a week of each other. The original “Backlighting” is on the right. Click it to view the full size post.

Getting the moon (or sun) in just the right position is a challenge in itself. You don’t realize how much movement there is in a rising or setting sun. The moment you get into position, the subject has moved off their mark. On both of these shots, I would be constantly moving to my left and down the bank along the beach, trying to line up the shot.

To see a larger version of either images, just click on them.

Sumac in the Sun

Wild Sumac, Staghorn Sumac, Autum Colors, Fall Colors, Orange, Red, Green

It’s autumn in Wisconsin and the leaves have turned brilliant colors. In this area, one of the most transformations is the wild sumac plant – turning from green to orange and then a deep red.

This is the tip of a wild sumac branch being illuminated by the morning sun. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

To view a larger version, just click on the image.