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Messy Hands

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Sudden Outburst

Lighthouse, Algoma, WI, Sunrise, Sunburst, Lake Michigan
I had the opportunity to capture a sunrise in Algoma last Saturday. Low clouds couldn’t hold back the morning sun as it rose over Lake Michigan, beyond the lighthouse and pier.

There have been few days, recently, where the sky hasn’t been overcast and grey. There have been fewer days when I’ve had the time to get out and shoot.

This is an HDR image – where I combined five different exposures of the same shot to provide a greater dynamic range.

You can view this image in a larger, more detailed version by clicking on the photo.

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Hidden Power

Lighthouse, Sunrise, Lake Michigan, Kewaunee, WI
The sun had risen by the time I snapped this image but was being blocked by a low bank of clouds over Lake Michigan. Still, it managed to break through and make it’s presence known behind the Kewaunee, Wisconsin lighthouse and pier.

The image seems kind of dark…but that’s because it was kind of dark…until the sun hit that open band.

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