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Big Sky Sunset Pano

I love creating panorama images.  Sometimes, the only way to get a real feel for a landscape scene is to expand your view.  I don’t post many, however, because the narrow format of a web page doesn’t really do them justice.

This is a view of the setting sun from my front yard in rural Kewaunee County, Wisconsin on January 18, 2013.

To include this much sky, I combined three separate photos together – known as “stitching” in the photography world.

I often encourage viewers to click on the image to see a larger version.  This is one image where it really, really makes a difference. So, click the image and see this photo as wide as your screen will allow.

Solar Eclipse – Partial

I almost missed this. I had heard that we might be able to view a smidge of the “Ring of Fire” eclipse that the West Coast was going to experience.  Even though I knew about it, I had written it off because the weather forecast talked of rain starting in the afternoon. Naturally, I assumed, we wouldn’t even see a sunset and just put it out of my mind.

As it happens, while working on some other photos on my computer, I noticed an odd color in the sky and, out of habit, took a look.  Then I remembered!  And, then I dashed for my camera.  As I ran out the door I told my wife to look out the window and I would be outside taking pictures.

We only saw a partial eclipse, but it put on a nice show any way.

See a larger version of this image by clicking on the photo.

Under a Marble Sky

This is a companion to a color image of the same scene I posted a few days ago – the one I titled: Spring Enchantment.

I always find it interesting to compare the same scene in color and monochrome versions and see which I think is more appealing.  Often times I can’t decide.  I think I like the relaxing tones of the color version…but then I like the dramatic tone of this one.  If I had to pick one…ummm…well…  I guess I’d go with the color.  The green grass won me over.

To see a larger version, simply click on the photo.

Spring Enchantment

The sunset and high clouds created a magical moment of enchanting color.

This was taken last Saturday in the farm field across the road from our rural Kewaunee, WI home.  I have taken many photos of this tree because it offers some interest and perspective to the beautiful sunsets we can experience.  I often wish there was an old barn or a little white chapel between me an the sunset.  Until something else pops up, the tree will have to do.

To see a larger version of this image, simply click on it.

Ending on a Sky Note

It is not uncommon for me to put an immediate halt to whatever I’m doing, grab my camera and bolt outside to catch a sunset.  The sofa in our living room faces a western window where it’s hard to miss the warm glow illuminating the sheer curtains.  There have been times, in the middle of a conversation, I’ll say, “Hold that thought. I’ll be right back.” I then dash for my camera and out the door.  Thankfully my wife, Sara,  is very understanding.  I’m rarely out there for more than a few minutes and, when I return, life generally picks up where it left off.  Sometime later, I’ll get around to reviewing the exquisite light captured from an earlier moment…and maybe post one or two.

Click the photo for a larger view.

Day’s End Elm

Along a fence row, in a farm field, across the road from my house is a lone elm tree.  I’ve used it many times as the foreground for some beautiful sunsets.  It strikes quite a pose in the winter…without it’s leaves.

Click the photo to see a larger version.

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Burning Bush

This is what the sky looked like at my house last night.  Well…at least a small portion of the sky.  And, there really wasn’t any fire, just an amazing sunset sky.

I had to use the full reach of my 300mm lens for this shot.  I think the bush is actually the top of a tree reaching above the horizion.  The two sticks on either side are telephone poles.

The color range and smokey, warm-to-hot tones are what make this image for me.

If you have a good size monitor, click on the photo to see a larger version.

Serene Sunset

This was one of those, “Hey, Beautiful, where have you been all my life?” moments.

I’ve been working my way through my photo files and stumbled upon this one. I took this 4 years ago and, somehow, forgot about it.  There must have been something else I was working on that diverted my attention.

This was taken in the farm field across the road from my house.  There was an interesting fog moving in as the sun was setting behind the tree line. I’ve photographed that big tree a lot, because it’s the only thing around that I can add to the foreground of my sunset photos.

If you like this image…please, feel free to share it.

To see a larger version of this image, just click on it.

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The Calm of Sunset

I always have an eye to the sky at sunrise and sunset.  As you can tell from browsing the post on this blog, I capture a lot of dawn and dusk sunlight.

Even though I have a lot of sunrise/sunset photos, they are all unique.

The panorama image below is of the same sunset, taken a little after the above  shot.

Clicking on either image should bring up a larger view.

Stormy Night Approaching

My wife said, “Come look at the sky; the colors are weird.”

As the sun was setting the evening of Wednesday, June 8, 2011 a storm front was moving in.  Of course, I grabbed my camera.  With a little digital magic I was able to capture the dramatic transition from peaceful sunset to stormy night.

My camera (Sony SLT-A55) has a mode it calls “Sweep Panorama” that stitches multiple photos together to make a larger image.  I used it and got a nice image…but it wasn’t large enough to capture what was really happening.  I could get some of the dark, angry clouds or some of the calmer sunset – but not both. The lens and photo frame were not large enough to fit the early evening drama in the same image.

In order to capture the full scene I wanted, I took five separate photos and stitched them together on my computer with a handy, free program from Microsoft called Image Composite Editor, or ICE.

As I said, this image is the composite of five individual shots.  The final, combined image was over 100 mega pixels. And, as if that weren’t large enough, I actually tried to join 17 different individual photos together, but the final image turned out bent and distorted.

I definitely recommend you view the larger image. To do so, just click the photo.

Feel free to leave a comment and if you like the image, share it with others.