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Some of Your Beeswax

Sedum Bumbler

Look of Defiance

Chicory Bee

Bumbling Bees

Garden Cafe

Buzz By Here - To Infinity and Beyond

Pick Your Poison

Blind Side Attack

On a Mission

Honey Bee on Sedum

Covering the Cosmos

Center of the Cosmos

Three's a Crowd

Popular Spot

On A Pedestal

On Golden Rod

The Beeline

Messy Hands

Bee on Yellow


Bumble Bee Choreography

Messy Hands

A Sample of Pop’s “People” Photo Collection

Sleeper Hold

Considering the Next Move

Sugar and Spice

Front Porch Portrait

Caged Competitor

Early Adoration

Child In the Ligtht

Stroll Through the Weeds

Attention Grabbing

Eye Contact

On the Line

Eyes of Wonder

Rounding the Curve

Troubadours of Basin Spring Park

Down by the Creek

Sun Day

Catching Some Light

EAA Fireworks

Hear Me Roar


Sun and Stars

Wildflower, Flower, Orange, Red, Petals

These are wildflowers found on our property.  They are in an area where I scattered a bunch of wildflower seeds last year.  We never saw any of these last year, so it was a pleasant surprise to see these big, bright blooms among the weeds this year. The white dandelion-like seeds in the center of the flower blew over from some nearby weeds.

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Simple Spring

Wildflower, Flower, Yellow, Reflection, Light, Swamp

While walking through a swampy area of woods, I stumbled upon this simple, single flower. The bright area behind the flower is daylight reflecting off a wet area. I don’t know what kind of flower it was, but it was small. This bloom was only about the size of a thumbnail.

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Hepatica Blue

Hepatica, Wildflower, Blue, Bloom, Macro,

Enduring a winter that won’t give up, I had to dig through the archives for a little bit of spring color.  This is one of my favorite spring wildflowers because of its delicate beauty and its early bloom; one of the very first you will see in these parts. Looking forward to seeing them again.

The hepatica (also known as liverleaf or liverwort) is a genus of herbaceous perennials in the buttercup family, native to central and northern Europe, Asia and eastern North America.  This one was photographed in northeastern Wisconsin.

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