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Chicory Bee

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Garden Cafe

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Honey Bee on Sedum

Covering the Cosmos

Center of the Cosmos

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Bumble Bee Choreography

Messy Hands

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Rounding the Curve

Troubadours of Basin Spring Park

Down by the Creek

Sun Day

Catching Some Light

EAA Fireworks

Hear Me Roar


Winter’s Fangs

Icicles, Ice, Cold, Winter, Blue, Icicle
To me, this image portrays the beauty, and often harsh, reality of Wisconsin winters.  I found these icicles hanging off the roof of our front porch. As you can see from the out of focus icicles in the background, they weren’t the longest specimens that day.

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Solitude on Ice

lighthouse, fog, Ice, Algoma, Wisconsin, WI, Monochrome, B&W, Black and White, Mist, Lake Michigan

The morning was cold.  The sun was rising…and so was a mist from the patches of open water near the lighthouse that stands at the Alogma, Wisconsin harbor.

I posted a color image from this same morning a week ago – Frigid Sunrise Fog.

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Frigid Sunrise Fog

Sunrise, Fog, Cold, Ice, Harbor, Lighthouse, Algoma, Wisconsin, WI

It was a mighty cold Sunday morning in Algoma, Wisconsin!  The temperature was right around zero.  The harbor was mostly frozen.

A mist was rising from the small area of open water in the harbor.  Beyond the harbor, the larger body of open water we call Lake Michigan, created a fog bank that picked up the color of the rising sun (peeking from behind the lighthouse).

To get a closer look, click on the image and a larger version will open in another browser window.

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Grasping at Straws

Vines, Winter, Straw, Coiled,

Nature offers plenty to keep keen observers occupied and avid photographers snap happy. While tromping though the Kewaunee Marshlands Walk yesterday I noticed this interesting display of nature.

This is some delicate vine that coiled itself around nearby grasses and, though dormant, is still maintaining its grip well into the middle of winter.

The website describes the Marshlands Walk:  “This quiet and peaceful boardwalk winds its way through the heart of the Kewaunee River Marsh. Located just north of the Kewaunee Landing, this wooden boardwalk goes through an area of natural marshland vegetation revealing a wealth of different animal and plant species. One can bird watch, fish or just enjoy the scenic views at the end of the boardwalk while sitting on the deck benches looking out at the Kewaunee River.The walkway was constructed in 1993 in a cooperative effort between the City of Kewaunee and the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program”

To get a better view of the vine, click on the photo.

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Fire & Ice Sunrise

I just realized that I had never posted one of my all time favorite and best selling images on this photo blog.  It’s been around so long and many have seen it, but it never made it to this site.

This is the very first, high-quality photo I took that made me think maybe I could be a decent photographer.  This was taken in late December of 2006, using my old Kodak Easyshare DX7590.  It was featured as the “Photo of the Day” on

The image, of course, is the lighthouse at Algoma, Wisconsin, just before sunrise.

If you have a large monitor, you may be able to view a larger version if you click the photo.

Winter Beach Morning – sepia

I can’t believe I hadn’t posted this image before.  I’ve been working on bringing images to my sales site and discovered I’d never posted this on the blog.  I’d posted the color version in March of 2011. (See it HERE)

This is a winter view of Crescent Beach at Algoma, Wisconsin on the western shore of Lake Michigan.  I took this early in the morning following a huge snow storm.  The snow was still blowing, but the camera didn’t pick it up.

To see a larger version, click on the photo.

Morning Reverence

But to You I have cried out, O LORD, and in the morning my prayer comes before You. ~ Psalm 88:13

The sun was rising over Lake Michigan on a Saturday morning in February, 2012. I was at the beach at Kewaunee, WI. The sunrise wasn’t quite what I was hoping for so I thought I would experiment with some different different camera settings.  I also decided to move into the field of view for a couple of shots.

This is similar to another shot taken the same morning where I was standing, facing the sun.  I posted it a couple of weeks ago – Future So Bright.

You can get a better view of the image above by clicking on it.